Recruiting is changing, it's important for us to change too.

Are you focusing too much on your current network?

The beauty of IRA is that it allows you to expand your network to thousands of other professionals in your industry. By posting your position on IRA, you give our network of referrers the opportunity to find relevant matches to your current needs and situation.

Is your recruiting cost effective?

IRA gives you the necessary information to start the interviewing process: a resume/profile, size of practice, and reason for making a move. You then have the choice to pursue the candidate or pass. When you make the decision to bring an advisor on board that has been referred by IRA, then you are charged a one time fee.

Too much work, too little time?

Our work days stay the same, but the demands of our work grow. One of the biggest time consuming activities in recruiting is identifying relevant advisors. IRA does this for you by allowing our network of thousands of industry professionals to source relevant prospects for your pipeline.