Looking to earn more money with minimal work?

At Independent Research Associates, we are looking to provide you a resource that allows you to build an additional revenue stream with minimal work.


Who is this a fit for?

IRA is a great fit for anyone with a good network of relationships with financial advisors. Whether you're a wholesaler, financial advisor yourself, or any other type of industry professional; all that matters is do you know people who might benefit from a change of scenery?

If so, then we go into how the process works below.

So what do you need to do?

go through your network

You spend your whole day talking to advisors. Most are happy, but I know that there are more than a few that are not. Consider why they might be looking to make a change, and is it something that could be solved by going to a new firm?

Get some info

We are not going to ask you to get the advisors life story, but we do need a couple of things.

  1. A resume/profile
  2. Some info about their book of business
  3. Why they are looking to make a change?

Refer them!

The submission process is easy. Just download the necessary form, input the necessary info, upload, and submit. From there, we take care of the rest.

You are paid whenever the person you referred comes on board.

Looking to get started?

If you've read the above information and believe this is a fit for you, then click start monetizing your network.